Surgery in China is booming

Behind the Great Wall of China, in Shenzhen in the revolution is catching up like a wildfire. That is the laser correction surgery performed by highly renowned German Doctors at EuroEyes Laser Centre Shenzhen.

Dr. Joern Joergensen, our Top-Surgeon in Shenzhen has to his credit 100,000s of eye surgeries. You can opt for comprehensive information on lens surgeries (ICL), multifocal lenses or laser eye treatments (SMILE, LASIK, Femto-LASIK) in Shenzhen. We at our clinic at SMILE shall advise you which type of surgery you need. You can have a free consultation for your eyes at Shenzhen.


EuroEyes has done more than 400.000 surgeries in 25 years in Germany, and they are the one to introduce the SMILE surgery to treat myopia. And furthermore, EuroEyes has the most LASIK-TÜV-SÜD certified eye clinics with the latest technology to give you perfect vision using Relax SMILE surgery. EuroEyes is first German hospital group to open a location in China And along with Euro eyes, another boost is happening in Chinese tourism sector that is The Booming Chinese Market of Surgery.

The Booming Chinese Market of Surgery is highly sought after by all especially those are beauty conscious. The plastic surgery would bring out the hidden beauty to the onlookers; you are going to be a head turned after the surgery. At least seven million Chinese girls and women underwent the knife willingly to enhance the appearance in 2014 alone. And every year the Booming Chinese Market of Surgery finds an upward growth.

There was a ban on cosmetic surgery which was lifted to give a boost the Booming Chinese Market of Surgery by which at least 10000 medical centres were benefitted. The craze for western couture also added to the Booming Chinese Market of Surgery. Besides this, the influx of Korean Pop music is influencing the Chines beauties.

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